Below are all reports generated by GPE / NIPEP Kano from Inception period to date.

Progress Reports

Document that explains in detail how far we have gone towards the completion of this project. It outlines the activities we have carried out, the tasks we have completed, and the milestones we have reached vis-à-vis of GPE / NIPEP project worked plans.

Administrative Reports

This are annual Administrative reports from inception period down to date. The reports are made available on this link to provide flexibility on way forward access from where the project life cycle stops.

M & E Reports

These are reports as compilations of descriptive information. The reports made available using communication tool to present M&E. results by presenting raw data & information and knowledge to the implementer & others (stakeholders, partners, donors, etc.)

Consultants / Contractors Report

Those are documents containing consultant's / experts understanding and advice on our project's Components in relation to indicators. For example, a competitive analysis report that looks at the strengths and weaknesses of this project.


The GPE / NIPEP Project financial report shows summary of financing and disbursements conducted from inception period to the closing date of the project. This gives useful data for tracking financial information associated with individual project's Components.

Grievance Redress Mechanism Overviews

GPE / NIPEP Kano State Project provides an avenue through which potential or perceived negative impacts arising from the Project’s programmes and activities could be mitigated, managed and resolved by providing voice to local communities and other relevant stakeholders.