Grievance Redress Mechanism Overviews

GPE / NIPEP Kano State Project provides an avenue through which potential or perceived negative impacts arising from the Project’s programmes and activities could be mitigated, managed and resolved by providing voice to local communities and other relevant stakeholders. GRM is an important tool that enables the Project to learn about and resolve concerns before they escalate.

Institutionalizing the GRM within the Kano NIPEP Project have permitted peaceful and timely resolution of problems, and facilitated winning the confidence of stakeholders through assuring them that their concerns have been heard and that the institutionalized mechanism will yield a fair and impartial outcome.

The Project had greatly taken advantage of this unit by ensuring Project’s obligations are met towards the overall achievement of its PDO. Please refer to very useful presentation below:-

1.NIPEP Kano: GRM/Social safeguards Presentation