All 2016 Financial Reports

S/NoName of the ReportDate of the ReportComponent of the ReportIndicator of the reportRead Reports
1Audited Report 2016December, 2016All the three componentsAll the IndicatorsView Report
2Summary of  Work Plan for 12 Month (January-December, 2016)2016All the three componentsAll the IndicatorsView Report
3Kano State GPE / NIPEP 2016 Disburstment Plan2016Component 1 and 21a, 1b, 2a and 2bView Report
4S1 – sub-component 1a:  School Improvement Grants to Primary School2016Component 11a View Report
5S1 – sub-component 1b:  School Improvement Grants to Pre – Primary School2016Component 11bView Report
6S1 – sub-component 1c: Teacher Professional Development2016Component 11cView Report
7S2 – sub-component 2a: Girls Access to Primary Education2016Component 12aView Report
8S2-sub-component 2b: Schoolarship for Female Teachers2016Component 22bView Report
9S2 – sub-component 2C:  Community Mobilization and SBMC Training 2016Component 22cView Report
10C3- component 3a: Project Management and Monitoring and Assessment2016Component 33aView Report
11S3- sub-component 3b:  Monitoring and Evaluation 2016Component 33bView Report

1.GPE / NIPEP Audited Report 2016

2.Summary of Work Plan for 14 Month (Oct/Nov,2015-December, 2016)

3.Kano State GPE / NIPEP 2017 Disbursement Plan

4. S1 – Sub-Component 1a: School Improvement Grants to Primary School

5. S1 – sub-component 1b: School Improvement Grants to Pre- Primary School.

6. S1 – sub-component 1c: Teacher Professional Development.

7. S2 – sub-component 2a: Girls Access to Primary Education.

8. S2-sub-component 2b: Scholarship for Female Teachers.

9. S2 – sub-component 2C: Community Mobilization and SBMC Training .

10. S3 – sub-component 3a: Project management.

11. S3- sub-component 3b: Monitoring and Evaluation.